Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Flora exhibit update

The opening of Flora: Beauty, Desire and Death had two installation works made specifically for it. Jason Dy and Rene Javellana's Contradicting Margaret: Homage to Bro. Kamel, was painted directly on the gallery's wall.

Jay Ticar's work consisting of flowers and fruits embedded in three large blocks of ice lasted for the duration of the opening. As the evening wore off, the block melted leaving a large puddle of water at the center of the Ateneo Art Gallery's main exhibit space. The work was photographed by both still and video camera. A short clip of Ticar's ephemera will be edited for the opening of class on 13 November.

A week later, a potted Camellia thea sinensis arrived from Baguio, courtesy of the Good Shepherd Sisters. The camellia focused attention on the title wall of the exhibit. The red-flowering camellia is no longer in the gallery as it has been sent abroad to become part of a garden of camellias from all over the world, being planted to honor Bro. Kamel in the Checz Republic.