Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Flora opens Wednesday, 11 Oct 2006.

Scheduled for six in the evening, the opening reception for Flora: Beauty, Desire and Death at the Ateneo Art Gallery was delayed because torrential rains hindered the representatives of the museums involved in Zero-in from arriving on time. Metro Manila's main north-south arteries was clogged with traffic. This was aggravated by the dismantling of billboards damaged by Milenyo, the typhoon that breezed through Manila with lightning speed almost two weeks ago. The MMDA said that almot 2000 billboards some as tall as five stories had been knocked down by the typhoon.

After more than a year evolving from a germ of an idea and a hectic two months of borrowing paintings, planning catalogues and wall texts, the opening reception began with a word of welcome by Ramon Lerma, the Director of the Ateneo Art Gallery and a short talk and walkthrough that I gave.

The entrance to the art gallery has been painted a deep green, to evoke a tropical forest Last Thursday, 5 October, Jason Dy a Jesuit scholastic, helped me paint the leaf imprints on one wall of the entrance. The wall frames a brief biography of Georg Josef Kamel. After experimenting on paper how to come up with pleasing shapes, Jason evolved a formula using acrylics as they came out of a tube. I drew some images from Kamel's illustration but as the work was progressing, Jason came up with the idea of showing the life cycle of plants from a seedling to its maturation and to the growth of seeds. I had asked him to paint an arch of leaves. Jason's leaf print work.

The exhibit came up with a total of 62 botanically themed works. The latest was Jay Ticar's installation, where fruits and fruits are deep frozen in ice. Naturally, the four-feet blocks of ice melted as the evening progressed, drenching the red velvet that wrapped the base of the upright blocks. Ticar's work elicited the greatest interest from a group of Fine Arts students who brought out their digital cameras and cellphones to capture this evanescent piece. The gallery has the work on video and will edit a looping piece to show what happened to the ice.

All told the opening was well attended and points to more days of appreciating flora.


Blogger jason k. dy, sj said...

congrats fr rene!
a great tribute to bro kamel.
thanks too for the opportunity to pay tribute to him.

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