Sunday, October 01, 2006

11 October 2006: Opening of Flora: Beauty, Desire and Death

We just experienced a nerve-wracking typhoon that passed through Manila in the record time of 4 hours, between 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon of Thursday, 28 September. The typhoon devastated so many trees in the Ateneo de Manila Campus. Fallen are some shade trees and showy flowering trees, including the Talisay (Termenalia cattapa) and the Santol, which appears in George Josef Kamel's illustrations.

But Flora will go on as scheduled. It opens in two weeks time on 11 October 2006. This is Ateneo Art Gallery's participation in Zero-in, whose theme is the convergence of art and science. The typhoon delayed returning the works of artists short-listed in the Ateneo Art Awards as the pick-up needed to transport the works were needed for cleaning up after the typhoon. And there is the concern that rain might damage the works during transport. The high humidity also slows down paint-drying time of the exhibition wall of the Ateneo Art Gallery. But if all goes as scheduled, next week begins the set-up of Flora.

The gallery walls near the entrance will be painted in hunter green, and leaf impresions in various shades of greens, yellows and whites will add texture to the wall. The gallery entrance will give a strong impression of entering a wooded space but not too dense that it feels like a jungle.

Some works that will be on display are facsimiles of pages from Kamel's illustrations, placed side-by-side with other botanical illustrations from the late-18th and the 19th centuries. More modern renditions of plants will also grace the green walls of the first gallery.

In the main and third gallery, a range of works depicting the floral theme will be displayed. An early work of Arturo Luz, Flower Vendor and a made for opening night installation piece by Jay Ticar will interact with works that are clearly botanical. The works in the galleries will challenge all to reflect on flora and its ineluctable involvement in human life.

The show will unexpectedly be a counterpoint to the decimation of so much plant life in the Ateneo after fierce storm that passed through Manila


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