Sunday, June 25, 2006

josef george kamel, s.j. drawing of camansi or breadfruit

Kamansi Syn. camangsi or camansi [Artocarpus altilis (Park.) Forsberg Syn. A. communis J.R.&G. Forst., A. incisa (Thunb.) L. f., A. camansi Blanco].

Belonging to the breadfruit family of which the better-known relation is the nangka or langka, camansi has two varieties: the seed-bearing kamansi and the non seed-bearing kolo. Kolo is considered as the “true breadfruit.”

Kamansi, mistakenly called rimas in Tagalog (rimas is a different species), figures in Visayan cuisine where the unripe camansi is cut up as a vegetable and cooked with pork hock. The seeds are roasted and served as a snack.


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